Focusing on phone calls from college coaches during the athletic recruiting process

If you are a senior athlete hoping to get recruited, one of the ways that college coaches will express a great deal of interest in you is by calling.  As shown in the Levels of Recruiting Interest Article, the only thing that a coach can do in the recruiting process to show more interest is bring you for an official visit or extend a scholarship offer.  This phone call means that they really are serious about you.

While it is great to receive call after call, it is not always an easy process for a teenager to be able to focus on what the coach is talking about.  You may be talking to so many different coaches that it is tough to focus ask the questions that you are looking to get answered.  Schools at all levels call athletes, even if they have Division I offers.  It just happens.  So here are some hints and tips as to what you should do when taking calls.

The first thing you need to realize is that if you are getting any calls at all, you are a very good athlete.  These schools only call athletes that they are at least somewhat interested in.  While call after call can get annoying (just wait football recruits who haven’t made a decision), you are very lucky to have been put in this situation.  Things could be much worse with no calls and a lack of overall interest.  The more calls, the more interest you have so realize that it is a good thing.

When these coaches do call, I would recommend to have a file about each school that calls.  You should have some blank sheets of paper where you can write down notes and you may also look ahead and have questions about the school.  Because you are never 100% sure about what schools specifically are going to call, it may be best to have a master list of questions that you ask all schools that call.  I would talk to your parents and family about helping you set up a recruiting filing system so you can track when they are contacting you.

One of the toughest things for a teenager to do during the call is actually focus on the call itself.  With video games, TV, and computers, there are distractions everywhere.  I have always said that you should consider all your options so even if it is a Division III school, unless you have Division I or II offers, you should focus on the call and learn more about their school.  Yes, it will take some of your time away but it won’t hurt to broaden your recruiting base and see what this school has to offer.

During the months of December and January, things seem to really start heating up in the football recruiting process.  If you are a recruit who has been getting looks from Division I-AA (FCS) and Division II schools, there is little doubt that you must brace yourself for a very stressful and hectic time.  This will include visits to the schools, coaches visiting you, and also a number of phone calls.  There is also a balance for you with your family and your friends as well.

If you are that good of an athlete that you receive ten to twenty calls a week, you must do a great job managing your time.  These coaches are likely going to call during the evening while you may be studying for a test or doing homework.  Will you put down the books to talk to the college coaches?  Or will you call them back at another time?  This is something that you must seriously think about during each and every evening because there are likely going to be a lot of schools and coaches calling.

That is why having files on each school is so important.  If there are really fifteen schools calling you (which really may happen), you may confuse the coaches and the schools.  There will just be a lot going through your head at this time.  So if you keep detailed notes about what you talked about and what the coach says about visits and offers, you can refer to those when speaking with them again.

The calls are made to help create a bond between you and the coaches.  If they call you four times before you visit, they will know a lot about you going into the trip and be able to fit what you are looking for better.  You will be more comfortable and they may have already been able to lineup a professor in the Business department to speak with you about your interest in that as a major.  This legwork needs to be done beforehand and if you sit on the phone just listening to the coach, this interaction and bond will not happen.

Take advantage of these calls from college coaches no matter what sport you play.  I will be talking about what questions you should ask in the near future but for senior recruits, this is something that you should start preparing for if it has not been happening already.



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