Getting your football recruiting highlight video done shortly after the season is vital

With football seasons across the country wrapping up, most athletes and families use this time to relax and take a breather from a busy fall.  Yes the goal is to be playing for a State title but only a select amount of teams and prep players get that opportunity.  The end of football unfortunately is actually a time for all players who played varsity and want to play college football to get their butt in gear.

The reason is so that you will not be like a number of families who end up relaxing now and scrambling later on.  For seniors, I said this before the season but you should know where you will be getting your highlight video made at.  Whether it is yourself, your coach, or a company, you need to have it lined up if that is what college coaches are asking for.  Juniors and sophomores should have this lined up as well because getting this varsity football out to college coaches is vital.

Not all seniors will need to get their highlight videos done.  The ones that have committed and still plan on signing with the school obviously don’t have to deal with recruiting.  The only thing they need to worry about is signing their autograph on the Letter of Intent.  There are other seniors who may have offers or be happy with where their football recruiting interest sits.  These same players could have attended camps and may just be waiting to see how things shake out in recruiting.

But for most of the other seniors out there, regardless if certain college coaches are asking for full game tapes, making a recruiting highlight video is very worth doing.  Even if you have attended camps and a number of other events over the last year, unless offers are on the table, nothing is guaranteed.  With the ease of hudl, take a few hours as a family and figure out the site and how to put together a quality product.

And with that in mind, you may want to take a look around and market yourself to new programs.  In order to put your best foot forward, sending out an older highlight video may not be doing you justice overall (this does happen but I would assume off-season workouts have helped make you a much stronger and better player overall as a senior).  Game tapes are great to send out but you have to remember, how many college coaches really have the time and patience to watch three full game tapes of athletes without offers?  My guess is that it will come down to a graduate assistant watching it or an assistant coach fast forwarding through it.  That is why the highlight tape is worth it.

For sophomores and juniors who have played extensive varsity football, the recruiting highlight tape is to make sure college coaches are aware of your overall abilities.  The first step to help yourself in the football recruiting process is by sending out your recruiting profile.

Once you send that out via email, you can also link to your own video footage online so the coaches can get a taste of your abilities.  What you are trying to do because you have time left in the recruiting process is get the coaches interested and look into potentially being evaluated for a scholarship by their staff.  That is why putting a highlight tape is worth it at this age because your recruiting profile can not say nearly as much as a highlight tape says when a coach watches it.

Remember to talk to the head high school coach about potentially getting game tape copies.  They are obviously the best source and someone who will likely be integral to the entire football recruiting process.


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