Preparing for the eyeball test from college coaches during the football recruiting process

College coaches throughout the country are currently making the rounds at high schools across the State.  It doesn’t matter if these colleges are Division I to Junior College, many of these coaches will likely be descending to your school in order to find out more information about you and your teammates.  And although it is great to see the Division I programs make an appearance, it is far from a sure sign that you will get attention from these schools.  Many of the Division I assistant coaches visit the same schools no matter if they have zero recruits or ten at their level.

But for the senior athletes out there who has had coaches come by and will have more coaches stopping in soon, there is one thing that you will need to prepare yourself for.  That is the dreaded eyeball test.  The eyeball test is when the college coaches come to your school, say hello, and shake hands with you.  The main reason that these coaches are doing it is to see how big you are, height and weight wise.  If you are listed at 6-foot-4 and look 6-foot-1, they will definitely notice that on their trip to the school.  Here are a few hints for the days that you know college coaches are visiting.  This applies to athletes at all grade levels.

Wear your BIG shoes
I am not saying to put anything in your shoes to make you taller.  What I am saying is pull out the shoes that you know you look tallest in.  If I had someone eyeing me up, I know exactly what shoes I would be putting on that day.  This is something minor but appearing 6-foot-4 versus 6-foot-2 may be the difference between a scholarship spot and walking on.

Wear the appropriate clothing
If you are in the middle of wrestling season (unless you are heavy weight) or have been sick, chances are that you will likely be skinnier than normal.  If that is the case, then make sure to wear loose fitting clothing so that your weight lose is not obvious.  If you have been bulking up and added some muscle since the football coach last saw you, make sure to wear something a little smaller to show off your physique.

Stand up straight
Make sure to not slouch when talking to coaches.  You want to make sure they see your full height.

Expect a lot of coaches
Most schools get coaches at all levels, even the ones that are not that good.  These coaches want to build a relationship with the high school coach so that down the road, it may be easier to recruit a player.  Regardless of the level, expect to meet a lot of coaches from throughout your area and potentially throughout the country.

Just because you are a junior don’t expect any attention
If you are one of the top prospects in the junior class at your school, the college coach may also want to give you the eyeball test.  They will not be focusing as much on you as they will be in the spring but it is always important for these coaches to add names to their future recruiting lists.  The more they know about you, the better.

Make sure you are there
One of the more interesting stories is the college coaches that come across the country to see one recruit and he is out of school at that time.  If you are aware of college coaches coming to the school, try to find out when and make sure you are in the building.  The last thing you want is a school that may be offering you a scholarship to not be able to track you down.


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