Is the football recruiting process stressful? 

With Signing Day getting closer and closer, it is really getting to crunch time for football recruits across the country. This is for players at all levels, including those look at Division I-AA and Division II schools. I had a chance to catch up with a number of recruits that are looking at scholarship programs to see what their answer would be when I asked if the recruiting process was stressful. These are real quotes and it really does vary from player to player. Here is what they said.

“I wouldn’t say that it is stressful but once it is over, it would be a relief. I think it is probably just talking to so many coaches. It is not like where it is a decision between good and bad. That is an easy decision. It is hard because there are so many good options. There are so many good things about every place. You think about this place one day and the next day another college. Then your mind is all over the place.”

“No, not really. I figure it is something I still have some time with. I am worrying about it but I am just thinking that other schools might be coming. I can’t make a decision yet.”

“Just being on the road, trying to visit these places, and staying up late talking to coaches is. There is no rest for the weary. It is hectic but it is pretty fun.”

“It has been somewhat stressful and there have been a lot of surprises. I have had two coaches come in everyday to the school for the last week to visit. It has been really fun overall.”

“At times but most of the time it has been fun and exciting. Sometimes it has been. It is a lot different but I think it is a good experience. I get at least (One call) every night. It is usually two to three but it depends. Some are for only five to ten minutes while others are thirty minutes. It is usually not too long. They understand that they don’t want to keep bugging me so it is usually good.”

“It has its days but the overall process has come out real good. It can be stressful but once you get offered, it is all worth it. Sometimes it is the calls that are stressful. Everyone wants an answer or has a reason why you should go there. Comparing the information is stressful.”

“I wouldn’t say it is stressful. I am enjoying it a lot right now. I am just trying to go out and have fun with it. We will see what happens. I am getting about one call a night. Each school calls on a particular day so it is usually one or so.”

“It is a different experience but it is not really stressful. It puts a lot to think about on your mind. There is a lot to think about. I probably get three phone calls a day. Some are thirty minutes to an hour but some are ten minutes. The average is probably fifteen minutes.”

“Not until December. It gets kind of long having coaches call a couple times a night. Recently it has been. I get anywhere from one to three calls. They usually last five to twenty minutes.”

“At times it has been. Then at other times it has been great. The two visits I went on were memorable and I will never forget either. The most stressful part was not knowing where I wanted to go because I wanted to get it over and done. Now I can hit the weights and get ready for next year.”

So if you are currently going through the recruiting process, is this something that is extremely stressful for you? Let us know by adding a comment to this thread!





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