I am a senior in the football recruiting process without any offers but I have interest. What should I be doing now in December (Part One)?

When looking back on the month of November, some of the most popular articles was time based advice for football recruits out there reading this.  It varied from seniors with offers, seniors with out offers, and juniors with recruiting interest.  And because Signing Day is getting closer every week, we thought we would continue this tradition and update the article for December.

When thinking about the overall month of December for football recruiting, it really is a strange month overall.  The top Division I-A (BCS) schools have finished up their regular season and will be having bowl game preparation.  The top Division I-AA (FCS) and II teams will be battling for a national title.  Throw in the holiday break and it is definitely strange overall to get a good feel of the recruiting process.

Things really will start to heat up in January but December is a vital month.  This really is when things start getting to the nitty gritty and you will get a much better feel of where you sit in the football recruiting process.

Because the regular season portion of most colleges will be completed, this is a big month for college coaches paying visits to the school.  They may be only permitted by NCAA rules to say “hello” but they will do whatever they can to bump into you in the hallway.

There are two reasons that they do this.  The first is to make 100% sure that you are aware they are there.  Traveling to your school shows that they are interested in you and your ability (there is an even bigger bonus if you are the only recruit that they are going to be bumping into).  They can use this down the road if they offer you a scholarship.

And since they are still evaluating you, they will give you the eyeball test to see if you are as big as listed.  I have talked about this in-depth in other articles but make sure you are wearing your big shoes and clothes that either show off or hide your physique.  That depends on if you are skinny or big at the time so vary it depending on your weight.

The hot topic of conversation of December for Division I-AA (FCS) and II schools will not be scholarship offers.  Instead it is official visits.  Unlike the Division I-A (BCS) schools, they are normally not willing to extend an offer and tell you how much it is for over the phone or at your high school.  In order to get a complete dollar amount and know what your package looks like, you will need to use one of your five official visits to NCAA schools to find out more.

These smaller level coaches love doing this because they have a set dollar amount in each class to hand out in scholarship money.  If their season is over before the playoffs or early in the playoffs, they will be trying to bring their top recruits in early on in December.  They offer the top recruits the most money and then see where they stand with them.

But getting them on campus is vital for a few reasons.  Most coaches believe that getting athletes onto their campus is half the battle, especially for out-of-state recruits.  If there is the potential of a scholarship offer coming their way, most recruits will jump at a chance to get their trip paid for during a weekend to see up close and personal what a college looks like.




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