How much interest can a sophomore football player receive in the recruiting process?

One of the questions that came to mind on one of the comment threads is how much interest a sophomore (Or even a freshman for that matter) football player can receive. Basically there are two answers to the question but there are also “other ways” that allow college coaches to communicate with sophomores.

College coaches are legally only able to send freshman or sophomore football players two things. These include a questionnaire and a camp brochure. Per NCAA rules, these college coaches cannot send anything else before September 1st of the prospect’s junior year.

When receiving a questionnaire, the college coaches are trying to find out more information about your athletic accomplishments as well as more contact information. The majority of these questionnaires are sent to the high school and will likely be forwarded on by your high school coach.

Make sure to fill out this information as honestly as possible. If you decide to inflate your stats or your accomplishments, the college coaches will not be happy when they find out about it. If you can’t play, I promise you that the coach will eventually find that out. Don’t waste your time or their time during this process.

If you have received postseason honors that early in your career, there is a good chance that you will receive attention from college coaches. Even if you have Division I eyes (Click here for that article), it is very important that if you want to continue your playing career to consider all of your options (Click here for that article as well). Fill out everything you receive because you never know what level you can play at this early in your prep career.

The other piece of information that you could receive is a camp invite. The thing that parents and even athletes really need to realize is that camp invites do not mean much at all (Click here for that article). While the coaches are evaluating players, they invite a great deal because they get paid more with a bigger number of attendance. So don’t just jump at a chance because the big State University invited you to a camp. Look into it and see if the school is serious about you.

For the top recruits in the country, many receive their first written offers in the mail on September 1st. As mentioned, that is the date when the college coaches can send real mail by the NCAA. These coaches can send personalized letters, written scholarships, and a variety of other things. But if you follow recruiting through, how do these coaches extend a scholarship offer if they cannot legally do it younger athletes?

What the college coaches have to do is be creative. While they are not breaking the NCAA rules, they will be working with the high school coach to send messages back and fourth. The college coach may tell the high school coach that they have an offer for their younger player. The high school coach can also tell the player to call the college coach and they can do it that way.

Basically if you are a freshman or a sophomore football player who has earned All State or All Conference honors, the contact you have with college coaches will be limited. But if you get your name in print, coaches from your area will send early recruiting letters. This is just to have your contact information on file as well as learn more about you early on.



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