Countdown to Football Signing Day: Winning program versus a school on the rise

Signing Day is around the corner and many senior football recruits have relied on Recruiting-101 to help them during the process of being evaluated and earning a scholarship offer.  And with some seniors about to make a decision, we are going to spend the week taking a time to look at some very vital areas to consider before committing to your top school.  We will tackle five different topics this week that should be something you think about before the first Wednesday in February rolls around.  So sit back and enjoy!

Sought after recruits will have a wide variety of college programs showing them interest.  Some of these schools may be dominant programs where the coach has been in place the last decade and they always seem to find a way to compete for conference titles.  Another school may have a new coach trying to sell recruits on the opportunity to turn around their program.

So why should I attend a college that has a winning program?  From my experience in college, I can tell you that I was much happier when my team was winning.  Losing game after game is very frustrating and it makes it difficult to keep up the moral of everyone on the squad.  The more winning a team goes through, the less complaining that should be coming from players.

The winning program also has established coaches who will have proven in past years that they can get the best out of their players.  You may have to sit a few years but once you are ready later in your career, you should be better prepared both physically and mentally to continue their winning ways.

Winning schools also seem to have fans and students who care much more about the team.  They are passionate for their school to succeed and they will do everything that they can to support them.  Having a fan base at a school is something that makes your college experience much better.

So why should I attend a college that is a school on the rise?  A school on the rise is likely going to be selling playing time to you.  Even if you may not be completely ready, this playing time will help you become a better football player at the college level.  It will give you a taste of what it takes to be success against older athletes while also motivating you to work harder to succeed.

Getting that early playing time likely means the coach will have a bond with you and won’t over recruit you.  At winning programs, the schools have to do everything they can to bring in the best players.  You will have an advantage on a school on the rise simply because your playing time against real competition should help you develop at a quicker pace and allow you to achieve your individual goals earlier.

If you can be an integral part of helping turn things around at that school, you will be a legend there.  Well, legend may be a bit strong but it will definitely be something that you can be proud of.  Turning around a losing culture is very difficult so helping a school do that around says a lot about those that have had a huge part in it.

My final call is……. to really think about what you want in your college experience.  I had the opportunity to play on a winning program in high school and then see a lot more playing time for a school on the rise in college.  While that playing time really helped me develop individually, I still would have rather been a bench player for a top program that won a great deal.  But again, it depends what you are looking for.  Many athletes would prefer to play early at a losing school than sit for a winning team.




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