What does a recruiting email from a college coach look like during the athletic recruiting process?

I recently had a parent email an email that was received from a college that is recruiting him.  While I will obviously keep the identity of the college a secret, what they sent is the prototypical mass email that is sent out to thousands of athletes in their database.  So if you get something similar, does that really make you feel special about the recruiting process for whatever sport you want to play?

Here is a brief look at some of the things that have been included in the email.  It is what you should expect from all schools, regardless of the level.  One thing I must stress that you must realize is even if your name is addressed at the top, that doesn’t mean it is a personal email.  They may respond to any questions you ask but emails like this are sent by the millions across the country.  Onto the letter:

As you start your spring practice, I just wanted to send you a quick note to wish you luck.  As we go into the summer to work on (our overall success from the last years/whatever we can brag about), we need to keep our roster loaded with the best players available.  We concluded the season with (more bragging about the success of the program).  Our sights are set higher for that next year (and since we are so good, we are have our goals set higher on this).

You are someone we will be interested in taking a look at next year.  As you know, (more bragging about the academics offered at their school, their success of athletic programs, and a state that they spend a lot of time recruiting).

If you could send me a film, or link to an on line film, that would be great.  Also could you send a copy of your transcript that has your completed junior year grades, and any SAT or ACT you took.  This will speed the process up for the fall.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time.  I look forward to getting to know you, and letting you know what (our school) is all about.  If you have a passion for football, this is the place.  I look forward to the recruiting process with you.

So, if you are a recruit who has received attention, have you received something similar?  My strong guess is that you have.  If a college has a recruiting database of at least 100 kids (which if the coaches know what they are doing, they do), there is no way that they can send them all personal emails.  This is why the mass email is a way to go and the perfect solution to show recruits that you are interested.  Does it really mean much?  Not at all but it does at least give you a taste of what their program is about.

The two reasons that I know why it is a mass email is because 1.) the athlete doesn’t play in a state that has spring practice and 2.) the area that they are bragging about recruiting is nowhere near where this athlete lives.

The first two paragraphs talk about the program overall.  The third paragraph is used for the process of weeding out recruits who are either not good enough or don’t have the grades to attend this stellar academic institution.  This is how they take a recruiting database of 5,000 kids and narrow it down to less than a 1,000.  Here is a good example of how it is used.

Say you take the time to send your link to your video highlights online (which I strongly recommend doing at all levels regardless of if this email wants it or not) and then after your junior year wraps up, you send your transcripts.  In case one, the athlete has the grades to go to their school but definitely not the playing ability.  Thus, the coaches take him off their database.  The second case may be where a recruit has the playing ability (and then some) but hasn’t put in enough time in the classroom to qualify academically for their program.  He is off the list as well.

Again, if you are already a recruit who has been receiving interest, you should have seen multiple copies of this email from a variety of schools.  It doesn’t really mean much but at least it shows they have you on their radar.  That radar may include 4,999 other athletes but getting on that list is a good thing.  Now hopefully you have done enough work in your sport, in the classroom, and putting together that highlight video to remain on their radar for months to come.




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