What will college coaches think about a suspension and how will that factor into the athletic recruiting process?

I recently had a chance to see an athlete get suspended for the first six games of the basketball season. While I am not exactly sure of the reason, every sign is pointing towards this player getting caught drinking and having to pay the consequences of his actions. As a high school student, you are bound to make mistakes but something like this could end up costing you your dream scholarship.

What makes this situation even worse is that this athlete has Division I scholarships. He has proven to be a mid-major Division I player. This player was hoping to be able to use the winter months to prove that he could play in the ACC or SEC. Coaches from those conferences have been recruiting him and definitely were going to evaluate him this season. But will that suspension change things?

College coaches are not stupid when it comes to athletes drinking and partying. It is something that happens at all levels, especially in high school. In a lot of situations, the basketball player who is recruited hard is also very popular. That popularity means going to high school parties. And most of those parties have alcohol involved somehow.

But this type of slip up starts to put question marks around the character of the athlete. If this player got caught drinking, then how many have they done it and not gotten caught? Or they going to be making huge mistakes if I were to offer them a scholarship? Could they have a drinking problem?

High school athletes need to know that suspensions for a variety of reasons get around quickly. It can go from the high school to a college coach to a prep message board where fans throughout the state now know that you were busted for drinking over the weekend. Trying to sweep things under the rug is nearly impossible with the Internet and many media outlets trying to be the TMZ of high school athletics (that unfortunately does happen by the way).

So before you go out with your friends to party, think about the consequences. For the athletes I mentioned previously, his drinking problem could end up having bigger programs move on in another direction and a school that has offered pull their scholarship.

And as I like to remind high school athletes, you will have the rest of your life to drink alcohol. You just need to get through high school and not let what you consider fun to sabotage any chance you have at a scholarship.


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