The position you have a desire to continue playing vs. the position that college coaches want you to play

It doesn’t seem to matter much the year but there are always excellent athletes who have the opportunity to continue their career at a college for one position but pick a smaller school because they are willing to play them at the position that they want. A perfect example would be a dual threat quarterback who may have offers at defensive backs but one school promises them that they will at least get a chance to play quarterback in college.

This is always very interesting to see simply because there are some Division I schools renowned for promising athletes that they will get to play quarterback but shortly after they are moved to another position. If you are in that spot, is it better to comply to what the coaches are asking for or taking a different road at a smaller school to play the position that you want?

As I have said in many articles, you will not be able to play college athletics if you do not love the sport that you are playing. You need to spend a lot of time to excel in college and if you are not totally sold on the position that they are playing you at, it really may be better to look at a smaller school.

Over the past few years, there have been a few recruits that have received scholarship offers from two in-state schools. The recruits spent their high school careers playing tight end and each wants the opportunity to at least try playing there in college. One school has been honest and said that they will move you to the offensive line. The other school says that this athlete will get a chance to play tight end.

Currently, one athlete has is committed to the school but the other one is a sophomore at the school who moved to the offensive line early in his career. The first coaching staff was completely honest and did not want to tell a kid just what they want to hear. They didn’t feel he was a tight end at their level and said from day one he would be an offensive linemen. The other school may think they are being honest by trying him at tight end for a week but they know deep down the chances that he will play line at their level.

This type of thing happens all the time. There is a Big Ten school that always seems to land great athletes who want to try their hand at quarterback in college. While I can’t say for sure, these coaches may have tried him at quarterback for a week and then sold him on defense. Considering he is already at the school, and would have to sit out to leave, what athletes are really going to change schools because of that?

If you are in a similar situation, can you see yourself happy at the position college coaches want you to play? That is a very important question to answer honestly. Some recruits just love playing football and getting on the field while others may love leading the team at quarterback. If the school promises to get you on campus at your preferred position but they seem to be making a lot of promises, keep that in mind. It may be worth looking into a Division I-AA school that will keep you at the position you want to play.

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