How many athletes do college football coaches call during the spring evaluation period?

How many athletes do college football coaches call during the spring evaluation period?One of the most interesting and loaded questions that I have received in recent weeks was sent by email recently. The athlete wanted to know more about phone calls from college coaches and what exactly does it mean. As I have said, this is a sure sign that the college coaches at their school are seriously interested in you.

But if they have almost a month and a half to call recruits across the country, how many are they actually calling? The reason that this question is so loaded is because it varies so much. One school may call 100 prospects and another 500. It just depends on the school and their recruiting base. But here is what I think are the normal numbers for an average Division I-A (BCS) program.

Before doing this, I used the Rivals recruiting database to get a feel for the amount of kids that a school has offered thus far. For Nebraska, they have offered somewhere in the ball park of 100 players (my guess is that this is higher but not all are listed). Because Nebraska offers a lot of athletes, I am taking a closer look at Auburn. According to Rivals, they have somewhere around 75 offers out to athletes that are uncommitted.

They may try calling some of the committed prospects but for the sake of the article, they are only calling the prospects that they have offered who have not yet made a college decision. With that in mind, they will be making at least 75 calls. Each one of those will end up being with a player they are hoping to land but have some stuff competition for. Most of these recruits are rated four and five stars so only a small amount will end up picking them.

My guess is that they will be making 50 calls to prospects with offers from other schools but not yet from Auburn. These are the athletes that may be their B recruits and will continue to be evaluated over the spring and the summer. These recruits may need to pass the eyeball test or the coaches want to see them in action at their summer camp.

Then there would be somewhere around 25 fringe athletes who are C recruits. These could be players flying under the radar that the coaches like but they have no offers. This program could be waiting for another school to step up and offer before things get serious.

If they do all this, then there would be somewhere around 150 calls. On each college coaching staff, there are eleven coaches that are able to call so they would be making 13.63 calls per coach. Over a course of forty of so days, that is pretty easy for each of those coaches to make those calls.

Again, there are going to be staffs that do much more and other staffs that do much less. It depends on their recruiting strategy and how they feel about the recruits in the fold. Look at Texas. With twenty commitments already in the bag, how many calls are these coaches going to make? Forty? There is no set number but I would guess the average to be around 150.

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