Where can I save money at during the athletic recruiting process

It seems as if the majority of articles that I write about come from talking to either a parent or an athlete.  This will continue today because that is where I got the idea for this article.  I know I have talked about different ways to cut costs during the athletic recruiting process but felt that there are more things to talk about. 

Anyways, I spoke with a father about the football recruiting process and what can be done for his son.  The dad said he didn’t want to be a “cheap ass” but also didn’t want to be throwing money around aimlessly either.  So for those non-cheap asses out there, here are some things to do in the recruiting process that will help save some money but not look completely terrible in the process doing it. 

Don’t take multiple visits to the same school
They may be giving free tickets to an event but is five visits to a school that hasn’t offered really worth it?

Attend one day camps/elite camps
Making it to only one day of camp will save money and give the coaches a perfectly good chance to evaluate your skills. 

Handle the recruiting process yourself
If you have the time, handling the recruiting process yourself can be a huge money saver.

Record the recruiting attention either through a computer spreadsheet or file folders (use Open Office for a free program)
Both of these need to be done and won’t be expensive if you use the right things. 

Handle your recruiting profile and the information sent to college coaches yourself (along with the highlight video)
Keep the professionalism high here but you can save some cash by handling all the marketing that is sent along with your highlight video.  

Post highlights readily available online on a free website
Big time and money saver is to just email college coaches links to your video footage online.  Or just use hudl if your school has it available. 

Carpool to visits
Find another family in your area that is being recruited and carpool to college visits. 

Try to find an AAU team that is sponsored
For those basketball players out there, finding an AAU team that is sponsored likely means that everything will be paid for in terms of travel.  This would save some major money.  

Use the free information on this site
Why spend hundreds of dollars for recruiting help when you can get the majority of the information for free or at a low cost with an e-book?  I think that was me trying to hint at you buying an e-book from Recruiting-101.  

Be realistic
This is the hardest one to talk about so I must go in-depth.  The specific case that I am thinking about involves two small school athletes.  They decided to make the ten hour trip to a school that was hosting a Junior Day.  Once they got there, they realized that they were one of nearly 200 kids.  Both athletes ended up with scholarship offers from Division I-AA (FCS) schools but the Junior Visit was to a Division I-A (BCS) school in a major conference.  Should they have realized that they were small school players who probably weren’t good enough to play there?  The answer is yes.  While you can dream of playing at a Notre Dame or a Florida, getting an invite to their Junior Day doesn’t mean they are all that serious about you.  I would personally wait until after the spring evaluation period to make any visits that require a flight/five plus hour drive to get there.  The reason is that you cannot tell how serious they are about you as a recruit.  

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