How long after I sent my recruiting highlight video to a school should I wait before contacting them during the recruiting process

This question was posed recently in a comment on one of the recent articles on this site.  Again, I am happy to help athletes and families during the athletic recruiting process so feel free to comment on any specific areas that you may be curious about.  This is a great question, especially if you are a senior, and is definitely worth answering in a full fledged article. 

Before going into my answer, let me go into my usual spiel (veteran readers can skip this section).  If you cold sent (see Updated Athletic Recruiting Definitions for more information) your highlight video to colleges without any prior contact from the coaches, don’t waste your time contacting them again.  They are not going to watch that tape.  You are better off spending your time playing video games.  If you continue reading, there is actually more info regarding when you should contact them. 

There is no doubt that I feel following up and getting feedback on your tape is vital during the athletic recruiting process for any sport.  This will give you a much better feel as to where you stand in their eyes.  They may not always give you a straight on answer but at the very least it should help determine where you sit on that school’s recruiting board. 

The key to answering this question is that it really depends on the time of year.  For example, lets say you are an All State recruit who two weeks ago had State University request your hudl video.  Now may not be the best week as they are busy with so many end of season things that they are considering. 

Look at the schedule and what is going on with each school before contacting them.  I have said this before but these coaches have a lot going on in their lives.  They have the current season, recruiting, their families, and they have to somehow fit that around sleeping every night.  If you send a highlight tape in during the early portion of the summer, there is definitely going to be a quicker turn around time. 

If you are looking at a Division I-AA school, did they make the playoffs?  If so, are they still alive or have they been eliminated?  Unfortunately for most schools out there, the first priority the day after the season ends is not to look at your highlight video.  They have lives away from their sport so you must factor that in as well. 

So be realistic about the timing.  Obviously if it is two weeks after their season ended, giving them a call definitely will not hurt anything.  The worst that the coaches can say is that they have not had a chance to see the video.  If you contact them, it does show that you are interested to hear what you think and that will help you figure out things in the recruiting process. 

Also you do have to maintain a fine line between being interested about when they watch your highlight video and overbearing.  And again, if the coach didn’t request the highlight tape, don’t bother calling.  That ship has already sailed. 

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