Misconceptions that are commonly associated with the athletic recruiting process and what you should really expect

Over the next few weeks, I plan on putting together a string of articles that breaks down some of the misconceptions of the athletic recruiting process.  These are different statements that I heard from families quite often.  In this series of articles, I will be talking about why the misconception exists, if there is any truth to it (which there probably is not), and what you really should be doing instead of following this myth. 

But before I jump right into these articles, I wanted to talk quickly about some of the topics that I will be touching on.  This piece will discuss some of the misconceptions that you should be avoiding during the athletic recruiting process.  If you doing any of these, there is little doubt that cleaning up that area and following our advice should be a great help in the recruiting process. 

I just sent out some tape/video links and should be hearing back from coaches soon
When talking to athletes, I unfortunately hear this one quote frequently.  As I have said many times and try to stress time and time again, sending out your tape cold to college coaches means that it will likely end up in the garbage.  College coaches don’t have the time to sort through tape that an athlete randomly sent.  If it has not been requested, chances are slim that it will be watched. 

I am waiting for my season to come and then the recruiting will start
The only reason to wait and not start marketing yourself today is because you have not logged varsity playing time.  That is the only exception here.  If you have logged extensive varsity time, then you should be following The Five Steps to a Scholarship Offer. 

If I am good enough on the field/court/diamond, college coaches will find me
The coaches that will find you are likely going to be at the Division III/NAIA level.  Marketing yourself should give you a chance to be evaluated by college coaches at higher levels. 

If I outplay a scholarship athlete, then I am sure to get interest from that school and others
Outplaying a scholarship athlete means very little.  This could be the same athlete who has dominated on the camp circuit and runs a legit 4.45 40-yard dash.  There is much more to the recruiting process than just one game. 

Early letters and camp invites mean a school is serious about me
These coaches have you in their database, which is a good thing.  The bad news is that you are likely one of a few thousand athletes, especially for football. 

My high school coach is handling my recruiting
There are about 1% of high school coaches who do handle the recruiting and are excellent about it.  But these coaches are obviously few and far between so handling it yourself lets you control it. 

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