Should I call college coaches at any point in the athletic recruiting process?

Outside of a scholarship offer, I have said that one of the most telltale signs for interest from a college program is a call from their coaching staff.  This shows that they are interested enough in your ability to take time out of their day to call you and sell their program. 

But one thing that I have rarely talked about is if you should take the time to call a college coach.  According to NCAA rules, college coaches are limited in their calls to prospective athletes.  But prospective athletes can call college coaches as much as they want.  So should athletes call college coaches?  In what circumstances should this happen?

As always, I must preface this article by saying that you calling a college coach does not mean they are interested in you at all.  It means they will be courteous and speak with you, regardless of where they sit on their recruiting board.  But also remember that they cannot call you back (at least some of the time). 

The reason that I feel I must say that is I recently talked to a football recruit and asked if any college coaches had called him during the spring evaluation period.  He said he spoke with a variety of coaches.  His wording was strange so I asked him if he had called them.  He said yes, which means he is showing the college much more interest than the college is showing him. 

If you are a football recruit, you should never call a college coach during April and May of your junior year.  The reason is because if you call a coach, are they now not going to call you during this time frame?  And if so, how do you judge their legit interest in you as a potential recruit?  The coach may say he was going to call you but was that really going to happen?  Again, expect the coach to be polite and tell you the importance of getting to their summer camp. 

The two times you really should call a college is when your high school relays the message from the college coach for you to call him (which often happens) and when they email you to call them.  These are both times in which you should take the time to speak with the college coach.  It doesn’t matter the time of year but should be done in both situations.  You may be calling but the college coach made it clear that they wanted to speak with you. 

So outside of that, should you call a college coach?  They will frequently tell you to keep them updated so it is your call on that.  If you feel you have a good relationship with the coach or want to build that relationship, then go ahead and call.  It is not going to hurt to give them a quick call, ask them a few questions, and let them know what is going on with you. 

There is no right or wrong answer here.  Questions can be answered by the coach but they are not going to suddenly offer you a scholarship just because you called them.  If you have the time and know what you are trying to get out of the conversation, go ahead and do it.  What is it going to hurt?

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