How should you react to a school that says they are not longer recruiting you anymore? It is better than you think!

Throughout the recruiting process, one of the coolest things that a high school athlete can receive is letters from Division I schools.  I was a terrible high school basketball player but I even received one Division I letter my junior year (Which I do believe that I still have).  It just makes your day, week, or month to receive this type of attention.

If a coach is serious about you, they will want to keep you on the hook as long as they can so that they can see where their A and B options are going.  If those two go elsewhere, and you are option C, then a scholarship offer may be coming your way.  But if they decide to go in a different direction, many coaches will be brutally honest with you.  This is a stand up thing for a coach to do but they will tell you that they have decided to no longer recruit you.

Obviously this depends on the school and the player.  I know some coaches who will string a player along as far as they can.  They want to keep this player “warm” if something is to open up during the recruiting process.  If athletes on their team transfer, then it may be the perfect time to offer this third option a scholarship.send a letter (Not the greatest letter to get) that says they either got a commitment from a player at your position or they are looking into another direction for this recruiting class.  As an athlete, this is a tough call to take.  And if you get it, what should you do?

While this may be your dream school and the program that you hoped to get a scholarship at, things don’t always work as planned.  While it is disappointing, them telling you that actually is a good thing.  This school could decide to string you along the entire process and keep you from picking another school because there is a glimmer of hope for a scholarship offer.  Instead, they were honest and let you know the truth.

Hopefully this is still early enough in the recruiting process that there were are other options.  As mentioned in about every article I write, I always say that you should keep your options open and consider all schools.  Hopefully if you have done that and avoided the tunnel vision on this one school, you can start looking more and more into the other programs that are after you.

If you currently are unhappy about the schools that are recruiting you, refer to The Five Steps to a Scholarship and start marketing yourself to schools that interest you.  Again, it really depends on what sport you are playing and what time of the year it is.  Some schools may be fresh out of scholarship offers while others may have only a very small number of commitments.  It just depends from case to case.

Again, this may be disappointing but things happen for a reason.  It may be that you should go to a Division II school and end up being All American.  Or maybe take another route that you did not even think about at all during the recruiting process.  If you keep a positive frame of mind, it will help you get past this disappoint and find the perfect school for you that actually wants you there.

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