Countdown to Football Signing Day: Having the major I love vs. majors that I could end up liking

Signing Day is around the corner and many senior football recruits have relied on Recruiting-101 to help them during the process of being evaluated and earning a scholarship offer.  And with some seniors about to make a decision, we are going to spend the week taking a time to look at some very vital areas to consider before committing to your top school.  We will tackle five different topics this week that should be something you think about before the first Wednesday in February rolls around.  So sit back and enjoy!

When athletes talk about wanting a college that offers strong academics, they are talking about the overall perception that is offered at the school.  But with individual majors, most students go into college undecided and then figure it out as it goes.  That will become a major problem when getting a degree is what you are interested most ends up not being offered by the school you decided on.   

So why should I attend a school that has the major I love?  Again, being able to finalize your major before you attend college doesn’t happen all that often.  The key is knowing the areas that interest you and what things you love learning about.  If you feel that you would love to learn more about Business and Engineering, these are two areas that you must study when doing research on each school. 

If you do know what direction you want to get your eventual degree in, then figuring out what each school recruiting you has to offer in that field is a huge help.  Most people work until the retirement age of 65 so you will be working for more than 40 years.  That means you will want to go into the field that you love right after college because that is a long time spent doing something you don’t enjoy. 

My belief is that you will have the most success in the areas that you are most passionate about.  If you find a school that doesn’t have what you are looking for academically, picking a secondary choice will make it difficult to really buy into the process and enjoy what you are studying and eventually getting a job in. 

So why should I attend a school that has majors I could end liking?  While there are some fields that do require certain degrees to get jobs, a number of other positions rely more on experience and who you know rather than what you studied in school.  So what you major is will not be the end all when you graduate. 

Like I said above, most college students do go to school without a firm grasp of what they want to study.  18-year old students can and do change their mind every week so it should come as no surprise that one month you are thinking about Business and the next month Computer Science and then the following month Education.  Because of this, it is hard to really research majors that seem to change every week. 

You must find something that would be a good fit for you and making it work.  Experience is king in the job market and if things don’t work out as planned, you can go to grad school or consider taking night classes to get a degree in something that you are really interested in. 

My final call is……. finding an area of study that you love and making the most of it.  Working in a field you don’t love for 40 years can make life a very miserable experience.  Don’t waste time at a school that doesn’t offer you a major in what you love or it will be a tough four or five year period.

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