I’m a senior with football recruiting interest but no scholarship offers. What do I do?

Just as a quick note before I start on this article.  When I do articles like this, and I have done them at various times during the year, I am not just cut and pasting the previous article.  I am updating the situation for potential football recruits throughout the country.  For example, one written in May would talk about getting calls and setting up camps.  Because it is now mid July, what is talked about in this football recruiting article will be much different.  There may be some similar themes but that is because I want to make sure recruits are following the path that I think will help them in their battle for a scholarship. 

So for those seniors to be, if you had heeded the advice of this site, you may have already had a chance to get to a number of one day camps.  The difference in the one day vs. a three day camp is saving your parents a lot of money.  And if you are rich enough to not worry about money, then what difference is it if you receive a scholarship or not? 

Because the college coaches cannot legally call you until September, what you need to be doing as a recruit is picking up the phone and calling the schools that you camped at.  Yes, these coaches are busy with preparation for the upcoming season but what you are looking for is a true evaluation.  Also using social media is a great way to touch base if you have messaged or DMed with them previously. 

Please note that I expect the coaches to sugar coat things a little bit.  For example, I don’t think they are going to tell you that you are terrible and need to quit playing football.  If they really like you, why haven’t they offered you a scholarship?  So take what they say with a grain of salt. 

You don’t need to flat out ask them about a scholarship offer but the two things that you want to request is an evaluation of your abilities and what areas you can improve on in the future.  The evaluation could give you a better feel for the level that you can play.  It might not be at that school but there are plenty of schools out there.  And for areas of improvement, remember that this coach is earning a full time living coaching football.  I would hope he knows what he is doing. 

After you have received your evaluations back from the coaches, now is a good time to really reflect on where you are at as a potential recruit.  There are still a few camps left during the July months but normally not all that many.  So what you should look at with your family is what the coaches said, how much serious mail/social media contact you have been receiving, and the coaches that have been calling you. 

If you are happy with the attention that you are getting and feel good about what the coaches have said to you, now is a good time to look more into these schools. Your highlight video should be online and easily accessible.  This can be done via hudl or youtube but the key is making it easily searchable on google and the links readily available when sending out to coaches.  

You can also start looking into setting up visits to the schools that you have not seen.  While State University may be the dream, you can also look into the Division I-AA and II schools that have been showing you interest.  The fact that you are trying to visit their campus shows you are interested.  Keep in mind that the campus during the summer vs. during the school year may be a lot different.  Do these visits only if you hope to decide soon.  Otherwise going to a game during the fall could give you a better feel of the atmosphere and what the school is like when students are on campus. 

If you have looked at the recruiting interest you have received and feel you were shooting for too high of a level, now is a good time to open things up and start looking at more schools.  I really hope that you followed the advice of keeping all of your options open and filling out all of the questionnaires.  If you did that, it will help you at this time. 

What I think you should do is take a look back at the Five Steps to a Scholarship Offer.  If you have already gone through these steps before, the place you should look into now once again is step number two.  You want to be able to find schools that match you.  This time, broaden your horizons and look at different schools.  Consider programs at all levels and just do what you can to look at different options. 

If you haven’t gone through the Five Steps to a Scholarship Offer, the place that I would recommend starting is step number one.  Building this athletic recruiting profile helps because it is similar to a job resume.  You want the college coaches to know that you are interested in their school and this profile shows that you have some ability in your sport. 

After you have built that, go into step two and three.  These will help you find the schools that you are looking for and then market yourself to the coaches.  Regarding a highlight video, if you can find one done well and cheap, get it done.  If not, it may be worth it to wait until after the first few games of the senior season. 

The football recruiting process is definitely a journey that is not easy.  Keep that in mind before getting discouraged with scholarships and offers from college coaches. 

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