I am a junior in the football recruiting process with attention and no current scholarship offers on the table. What should I be doing in March (Part One)?

The top football players in the junior class have already started to secure scholarship offers from some of the top college programs across the country.  But in most cases, these are the freak athletes who will end up with multiple offers from a variety of college coaches.  My guess is that most readers are the ones that are going to be working and plugging along to get an offer. 

So if you are in the boat that there is interest but no offers, what should you be doing now?  What direction should you be heading in right now?  This type of article has been extremely popular over the last six months so we thought we would continue with it for March of your junior season. 

Getting letters and receiving early recruiting interest means that you are on the recruiting databases of some college coaches.  That is a great thing but that is just an early part of the battle.  In order to get a scholarship, the coaches that are recruiting you will only continue to evaluate you. 

Due to NCAA rules, the major way that these college coaches evaluate you is through your highlight video.  In an ideal world, all junior football players reading this will have already put their highlight video together and have it available on a free site online. 

Since that never seems to be the case, I want to stress once again the importance of putting this highlight tape together.  It is the best way for a school to evaluate your overall skills on the gridiron.  Doing it yourself or spending the money and getting it made professionally is a huge step that can be a major factor in the football recruiting process.  Take the time to learn hudl or spend the money to get it done.  There are few investments worth it as much as getting a video done. 

If you have the video done, then you should be doing what you can to put it in front of the coaches that are recruiting you.  It may be worth calling or emailing with the coaches that are recruiting and see if they would prefer the video online or a hard copy of it.  The reason to ask is because cold sending out the tape is going to be a huge waste of time and resources.  Time and money are saved by sending it online but chances are that the overall quality may be hurt a little bit. 

Either way will work fine because your main goal is to get them to watch your footage.  If you sent the highlight tape, follow up one to two weeks after the tape arrived and see if they watched it.  Please realize that patience is a huge must here and something to have during the football recruiting process.  If you sent the coach a link to your video on youtube or a similar service, email them a few days after it was sent and see what they thought.  This is the most inexpensive way to do it and something that I strongly encourage. 

The thing you want to get out of the coaches regarding your highlight video is feedback.  If they were wowed by the tape and wanted to offer you a scholarship, chances are that it would have been done without you asking and following up.  So in your follow up, ask questions about things that you can improve on.  And when you get responses, take these to heart as these are college coaches who are paid to coach a sport that they love.  

Look for part two on Wednesday!

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