I am a junior in the football recruiting process with attention and no current scholarship offers on the table. What should I be doing in March (Part Two)?

Click here to read part one.  The thing you want to get out of the coaches regarding your highlight video is feedback.  If they were wowed by the tape and wanted to offer you a scholarship, chances are that it would have been done without you asking and following up.  So in your follow up, ask questions about things that you can improve on.  And when you get responses, take these to heart as these are college coaches who are paid to coach a sport that they love.  

I will talk about this more in an upcoming article but really March is a somewhat boring month overall for the football recruiting process.  February is an excellent month as schools are wrapping up their current class and getting them signed.  The later portion of April is when college coaches are able to start visiting high schools and can call who they feel are the top junior prospects.  So what exactly happens in March? 

While things are limited, it could be a perfect time to make some visits.  Coaches can use March for Junior Days in a variety of ways.  They can tie them in on a weekend day and have the athletes come visit for a traditional Junior Day that includes a tour around the campus and talking with the coaches.  They can also plan these around spring practices and try to get their top recruits on campus when their current players are busy practicing. 

These coaches have be spread thin but this is a great experience for athletes.  You may think your high school practice is difficult but a college practice takes things up a notch.  It is fast paced, hard hitting, and a lot of fun to watch overall.  This should give you a good feel of what they expect at the next level.

The other main thing that you should be using March for is to figure out overall your thoughts on the schools that are recruiting you.  If you are happy with your attention, interest, and the college coaches have seen your highlight video, then you need to be patient.  There is a good chance nothing will happen at least until April when these coaches can visit the school.  You can get a much better feel for your recruiting attention in April and May.  So just work hard in the weight room and stay out of trouble. 

For those that are disappointed by the attention, it may be time to go back to the drawing board.  Your attention may be disappointing because of the schools or the lack of mail that the programs are sending.  If there is any doubt, taking the time to start researching and marketing definitely is worth it. 

The two keys here are to go back to The Five Steps to a Scholarship Offer and go through step two and three again.  If you went through step two before, broaden your search and include schools that may be a little further away from home.  When doing this, make sure you are really researching the schools and not just mass sending out your profile.  It is a waste of time to send as many emails as possible if they don’t have the major that your son wants to go into. 

March is actually a perfect time to do this.  It is early enough where the coaches can become interested in your skills so that they can come visit you during the upcoming evaluation period.  Do realize that little really does happen for most recruits during this month.  It may actually be the least active month out of any so don’t stress over not having an offer on the way.  If you put the time in and have skills, good things will happen. 

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