The five different types of parents in the athletic recruiting process

Over the past decade, I have interviewed thousands of athletes and spoken to hundreds of parents during that time as well.  I believe this interaction gives me an excellent feel for what is going on during the football recruiting process and basketball recruiting process.  You hear from them first hand what they feel about recruiting and which schools might offer when.

And while most athletes for the most part are similar, what always stands out to me is parents.  There are parents who are happy to see their kid get any attention and others who I believe may be completely crazy.  With that in mind, I have decided to put together five different types of parents that I have encountered during the athletic recruiting process.  Most of those families reading will be lumped somewhere into one or two of the categories.

These will be ranked in the order that I think will help an athlete overall in the recruiting process.  An inactive parent may not scare a coach away but an overly active one will.  Keep that in mind.

1.) Knowledgeable parents
Qualities: Familiar with the recruiting process and will do everything that they can to help you get an athletic scholarship.  
More: This is what parents should be setting out to be.  A knowledgeable parent is one that is helpful, supportive, and will do everything that they can to provide you with all the facts for the athlete making the decision.  They provide feedback when called upon but are not forcing their will on you when it comes to a school.  They also help market your skills to college coaches but do not over do it.

2.) Supportive Parents
Qualities: They may not know as much about the athletic recruiting process but they are willing to learn and will support you every step of the way.   
More: For families with multiple athletes, this is where a lot start before making the leap to a knowledgeable parent.  They come into the process ready to learn and will do everything that they can to help you out.  Supportive parents may lack a history with recruiting but that won’t stop them from improving their overall skills during the athletic recruiting process.

3.) Helpful Parents
Qualities: Helpful parents are the ones that will take you on visits and be able to provide support in making a final decision.   
More: These parents may not have the time to focus on the recruiting process but are helpful when called upon.  They will take you to games and Junior Days but mostly leave it up to the athlete to handle things.  This is usually a family who either doesn’t know what is going on or doesn’t have the time to focus on it.

4.) Uninformed Parents
Qualities: They have no real clue what is going on and are unsure what to do to help you with the recruiting process.  Because of this, they usually stay out of the picture.  
More: I hate to say this but my mom fits in this category.  She had no experience with the recruiting process and didn’t even know what to do about it.  She basically stayed out of the picture and let me figure things out.  I was basically an uninformed athlete as well.

5.) Effing Crazy Parents
Qualities: Plain and simply unrealistic about the abilities of their child and overall crazy.   Likely someone living through their son or daughter’s accomplishments.  
More: The most humorous for me to deal with but they certainly can be annoying.  These effing crazy parents are not afraid to threaten lawsuits, complain frequently about their child’s ranking, and just be a thorn in the side of everyone they run into.  If you get in the way of their child getting a scholarship, you better watch out.  As mentioned above, they are normally someone who got cut from their high school squad years back and want to make sure that their kid gets a scholarship.  These parents are normally the ones yelling at refs from five years old on.  Crazy parents do sometimes burn out the kid on sports as well.



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