Scrambling right now in the athletic recruiting process

It seems that during the athletic recruiting process, families always seem to be scrambling as Signing Day continues to get closer and closer.  I have seen a family recently expect their personal “recruiter” to help get them a scholarship.  What they family has learned is that this recruiter is completely overpriced and has very little pull or ability to help an athlete get a college scholarship.  Instead of realizing it from day one, they may have found out a little late.

Because of the missteps that they took with this “recruiter” so early in the process, they are not scrambling to figure out what to do to help get their son a college scholarship.  As I have mentioned at this point, if you think you are a Division I-A (BCS) recruit and don’t have a college scholarship now (or at any time for that mattered), I would be extremely worried.  This recruit and their family seems to be in that same boat so they are trying to throw everything together at the last minute.  This happens all the time but is definitely not when it should be done.

In a perfect world, the senior athletes out there looking for a home to continue their football careers will have the high school coach being their “recruiter” (and not ripping off families either).  This coach is the one that could be putting together the highlight tapes and helping get the athlete’s name out to college coaches.  Unfortunately, in the real world, this rarely happens.  Very few high school coaches have the time and ability to put together a quality recruiting highlight video.  Most of the coaches will talk a big game then just get too busy in so many other things going on that it doesn’t happen.

I have said this many times before but you should have already setup and talked to professional companies about making a recruiting highlight video (View for an inexpensive and professional video).  Doing the legwork beforehand saves you from trying to speak with as many companies as possible and figuring out which one will do the best job.  If you have a company lined up during the middle of the season, then they are likely going to be able to turn around your video quickly and efficiently.  If you promise them work early and come through, they will greatly appreciate you for that.

The family that I mentioned above is also in the works of putting together a website and a number of different features to help publicize their son.  I hate to burst the bubble of anyone but if you are just now spending the money to put together a recruiting website, you might as well flush those dollar bills down the drain.  The impact of a recruiting website is to send it to college coaches early in the process so that they can add you to their radar.  It is worth the extra money to send college coaches as opposed to some lengthy Youtube address.  It is a simple thing that is not all that expensive.

For those non-seniors reading this article, please take what I write to heart.  You need to look into all your options early and often when putting together a highlight video and a website.  Two months before Signing Day is not the time to do it.  If you have a friend who will do the recruiting highlight video, give him or her a date that you want it done by.  If they are coming up with excuse after excuse during that time period, make sure you have a professional backup that can help you when things don’t work out.

The most important time to put together a quality highlight video and website is right now if you are a junior or a sophomore.  It is ideal because these things are needed but you are not in a race to get things done.  You can take a few weeks to speak to a few professionals and see what is out there.  I wouldn’t try taking months to do this because it could easily fall off your priority list.  But taking those steps will save you a lot of stress if you had done things before hand and put in the legwork early.

As for you seniors out there who are scrambling at the last minute because Uncle Jim couldn’t make a highlight video, look into your professional options and see what is available.  If you are expecting some type of athletic scholarship in college, a highlight video is a necessity.  There is no doubt in my mind about that.

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