The cost of the athletic recruiting process

For those about to start the athletic recruiting process in any number of sports, it is always a dream to receive a scholarship offer from your dream school, commit, and call it a day.  But the problem is that the game of recruiting rarely works that way unless you are a special athlete that is college ready early on. 

Recruiting-101 decided to take a look at the costs for those going through the football recruiting process, basketball recruiting process, and baseball recruiting process.  If you are going to be handing off the services to others, you will be spending a great deal of money.  Then again, it really depends on how much you know and how much you want to get involved.

Here is the breakdown for a number of different things you obviously are going to want to do to get ahead during the recruiting process.  Some vary to the three sports that I mentioned above but many are actually similar overall. 

Three Day Football Camp – $300 plus
If you are going to be staying on campus at the football camp and eating there for meals, then it is not going to be cheap.  I always recommend speaking with the coaches about possibly going to one day of camp to save money.  Most college coaches have the ability to recognize if you can play or not rather quickly.  If you decide to go to all three days, you may be funding an assistant coach to get their kitchen redone.  They probably should be thanking you. 

Elite Basketball Camp – $100 plus
If you are good enough to be invited to an elite basketball camp, the coaches will keep the price tag down because they want to get as many recruits as possible on campus to see the school.  But then again, are the coaches just using you to have the numbers to hold this elite camp (Click here for an older article on this)?

Baseball Showcase – $150 plus
Are you a baseball recruit waiting to get out and play in front of the eyes of college coaches?  Then you definitely will need to go to at least one baseball showcase.  These are huge during the baseball recruiting process.  Playing well in front of a coach at this can really make or break the recruiting process for you. 

Nike Football Camp – Free 
The Nike football camps may be free but you are failing to add in the costs of gas and food along the way.  I know some recruits that traveled ten hours to get to an event like this.  That would not be cheap with the price of gas these days. 

Highlight Video – $0 to $1,000
This has a very broad range simply because some parents think that their athlete needs to to have a Hollywood production team putting this together.  The truth is that the coaches are looking to see the player showcase his or her skills on the field.  The smoke and mirrors introduction is not going to get you a scholarship.  The good news is hudl can provide a great alternative. 

A personal website for the athlete – $0 to $1,000
Depending on how high tech you want to get, these can cost a great deal.  

Recruiting Service $500 to $5,000
These can really start to cost a lot over the long run.  Some services are cheaper and while others are expensive.  Is it worth it?  While I personally lean away from them, that is your call.  I think the biggest key is it comes down to time here. 

Junior Day Visits – Free
Again, these ones will really add up when you think about gas, possible accommodations, and food along the way.    The colleges will take you around their campus, feed you, and possibly bring you to a basketball game.  But you are fitting the bill to get to the school and everything involved there. 

Phone calls from coaches – Normally Free
If your child is a sought after recruit and has a lot of schools interested in them, you may need to ensure that his texts and minutes are unlimited. 

Official Visits – Free for the athlete
They may be free for the athlete but every well informed parent wants to make the trip.  So you will either need to fire up the car or take a plane with your child.    Unless you live in the same city, it cannot be cheap. 

These are just a few of the things needed to consider before going through the recruiting process.  If you have some computer skills and time, there are some of these steps that you can avoid.  Keep these in mind when things start heating up for you!

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