Should you let a college coach handle you broadcasting of recruiting attention?

It doesn’t matter where the college is located, but if they are a school that can hand out scholarship offers, they are likely going to leak to the media who has accepted a scholarship to their program.  The bigger the school, the more prevalent that they are going to push this information out to their trusted sources.  Whether it by Scout, Rivals, ESPN, or any other site you can imagine, I can confidently say that if Alabama or Texas gets a commitment, they are going to let their guys know first. 

What happens if you have your own guy/guys that you want to break the information?  I have mentioned previously the importance of finding your own guys within those networks to inform about offers, get into the database, and have articles written about.  These media members are a core part of your recruiting team and I believe someone you need to pay back for their help.  The best way to pay them back, in my mind, is by letting them know what schools have offered scholarships, when you are making official visits, and most importantly, when you make your final decision. 

It really is a tough situation because I have heard recently in articles that media member who know the college coaches will call the athletes just minutes after they verbally committed to a college program.  If you want your guy to break it, that is going to be even tougher.  Why?  Because that specific media member knows you have committed and they are looking for quotes.  They may have never talked to you before but I can bet that their connection with the coaches will help them break the commitment to the media. 

My personal feeling is, again, you should let the person who helped you along the process break the commitment.  You can show your loyalty by giving the commitment to the media member/members that have covered you for months or years.  What you should likely do is commit and avoid the calls.  Then call your guys in the media and let them know first and let them get quotes first.  If you are thankful for their help, then you will honestly let them know where you are headed before anyone else. 

Now what happens when a college coach asks you to delay making your commitment public?  First off, that seems a little fishy to me to begin with.  I would personally question it more but I have actually seen it a lot over the last few years (and for whatever reason, it seems to be more prevalent in basketball recruiting). 

That is a hard question because you do want to let your guys know where you are headed.  If a coaching staff is telling you to wait and not make it public, I am willing to bet that their media guys are going to break the story.  They may not get quotes but there will be mention of it on their website first. 

As much as I hate to say this, you do have to listen to the college coaches.  They were the ones to offer you the scholarship and will be the ones paying for your education.  I believe you first need to listen to them and follow your instructions.  When they do give you the word that you can talk to other media and let it be known, I would drop emails or calls to your media sources and explain to them the situation.

The reason is because while you may not be allowing them to break your commitment, you appreciate all of their help.  So with that in mind, you want them to know that the college coaches asked you not to talk about it until a specific time.  That is why another site broke it.  It wasn’t because you didn’t care or weren’t loyal, the coaches asked you specifically. 

I know some athletes are going to go to sites and reporters that they haven’t talked to ever to break their commitment.  But I think being loyal in the recruiting process and letting the person/persons who have followed you from day one know the situation says a lot about you and your character. 

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